Air Duct And Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Using specially manufactured commercial grade cleaning tools, we will clean each vent of the lint blockage and debris it may posses inside the drayer vent.

Our brushes scrub the sides of the vent loosening up the lint as well as the wax left over from fabric softeners that can collect lint.

A vacuum is used so that debris is not scattered on your lawn.

Ask Yourself...

- Are your clothes taking more than one cycle to dry ?

- Do you smell something burning when the dryer is running ?

- Do you have condensation on the inside of your dryer door ?

​- Do you have a heavy accumulation of lint at the base or back of the dryer that you have to clean often ?

If so, these are all the signs that you must have your dryer vent cleaned ! 

Did you know ? 

- According to the U.S Fire Administration there is an estimated 15,600 dryer fires annually with 15 deaths and over 400 injuries.

- U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends cleaning your dryer vent annually to prevent lint blockage that may cause a fire.

​-According to the Association Of Home Appliance Manufactures your dryer needs maintenance like any other appliance.

In order to keep sufficient airflow around the heating source, lint must be removed from the dryer and vent.